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Hey, Sleeper - Could You Just Lyrics

Hey, Sleeper – Could You Just Lyrics

Careful with those words,
They could run away from you
Some of us don’t forget so easily – we speak when we’re spoken to
And careful with that look
It’s cut through all my oldest defences
I’m starting to think that this will turn out the way that they said it would

But could you just smile – even just half?
It’s taken all my courage just to come over

Drinking to the last drop
Drinking to believe that there’s more than you see
Talking like you’ve been lost, but
You’re as close to home as you’ll ever be
Breathing some real life
Mix it with something you had up your sleeve
Finding these fault lines between the kind of people you meet
And the people that you’d like to find

Is it so hard? it’s taken all my courage just to come over

Then I started holding my breath
I started counting my steps
Traced myself back to the world I was in
Before I was out of my depth

[Lyrics to Could You Just by Hey, Sleeper]
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