Hold My Desire - Corruption Lyrics

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Hold My Desire – Corruption Lyrics

I feel so empty, there’s nothing left inside
The government, corrupting now, nothing left

Lock the doors, throw away the keys
The ships have boarded, they’ve taken my fears
My Fears
Corruption is greater than false human rights
This world is so empty despite being alive

Our world is in pieces and we’re to blame
(And we’re to blame)
We try to rebuild it, it’s not the same
(It’s not the same)

Glowing with passion we fly the flag, so high, so high
But nothing is helping, poverty is on the rise
I feel myself there’s no way out of this mess and I just can’t get over it

You’re all the fucking same
We’re all the fucking same

You fucking left us without a warning
So fucking battered, battered and bruised
Battered and bruised
What the fuck is the excuse?

Rewind the clocks of war, let the waves of time rejoin us (rejoin us)
So corrupted by these so called pacifists
There’s nothing left for us, there’s nothing left for me
No bed to call my own

[Lyrics to Corruption by Hold My Desire]

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Hold My Desire - Corruption Lyrics

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