Hollow Earth - Ethereus, etherei Lyrics

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Hollow Earth – Ethereus, etherei Lyrics

Tell me why I have to survive my hope
When I’ve done everything to resist
This last breath it’s a cry for my world
Join me in this sacrament of pain
We don’t deserve to stay in the surface
We must go north and enter in the depth

Ethereus, etherei…

Back to the essence of the first feedstock
Dead cell returns to life in a while
Any trace of our being should be erased
New race, new species will take our place

Follow me in to the state of grace
Doesn’t matter how far we are staying my friend
There won’t be any legend left
As there won’t be any story teller
That’s why I feel you are my confident
And now I pray for a new daybreak
This is the end of all this rigmarole
Take your last orders now we must get inside

Ethereus, etherei
Always the primal state
Ethereus, etherei
You know it was our fate
Ethereus, etherei
We already chose that way
Ethereus, etherei
Before we made our sins
They put us into this ship
Ethereus, etherei
No hope there is no escape, no escape
Ethereus, etherei
But I’m ready to leave
Ethereus, etherei
But I’m ready to leave
Ethereus, etherei
But I’m ready to leave

[Lyrics to Ethereus, etherei by Hollow Earth]

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Artist Hollow Earth Lyrics
Album"From the Beginning" (2014)

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Hollow Earth - Ethereus, etherei Lyrics

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