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Hollow Earth - Shinigami Lyrics

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Hollow Earth – Shinigami Lyrics

There is a place far away but also
It’s so close
Don’t believe your eyes

Carrying away your hopes and dreams
It’s what they do
They’re so tired

It’s pointless just to go on
Once one said
Let’s play a game

Gonna send to the ones that can die
This heavenly gift
This sinful power
Go, surrender your soul
You’d better not resist
Go, surrender your soul
It’s unavoidable
Go, surrender your soul
It’s not so bad, so come
Go, surrender your soul

Come, I want your soul
Your sweet dreamed hopes
I need them now

Fate, always capricious,
Made his move
Once again

He chose the one above all
The one who won’t
Prove him wrong

There is nothing you can do now
The die is cast
You can only hope

Close your eyes and pray what you must
Your verdict is made
The dictum is coming

Come, just let go
This is the Rukongai

Come, I need your soul
Your sweet dreamed hopes
I want them all

Follow me to the edge of the earth
That’s the reason why I’m here again
I am the Shinigami here, I knock you out
I played with you, fool, don’t take it so bad

Right now, I can’t stand by your side
For all the things you’ve said
For all the things I’ve left
Now it seems that we finally reach the end
Too bad for you, too bad for you

I am the Shinigami here, respect
If anything, I’ve made your life fucking great
Not everybody here knows what you’ve had
Too bad for you, too bad for you

[Lyrics to Shinigami by Hollow Earth]
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