Homebound - Right Now Lyrics

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Homebound – Right Now Lyrics

If only the right words,
Would accommodate the time,
I could breath in your world,
You could rest your hands in mine,
So I’ll breath deep,
And close my eyes,
Shake the fear off,
Cause its a new day,
With a new sky

Right Now,
In this moment,
We are infinite,
You And I

We live by our mistakes,
So why should we bow down,
To every chance we didn’t take,
Let our sins be proud,
A Leap of faith,
Is all we need,
To let our demons lie,
Instead of thinking constantly,
Our past will just arise

Right now,
In this moment,
We are infinite,
You and I

We’ll hold on tight,
We’ll chase the night,
In to the light

Right now,
(We’ll hold on tight)
In this moment,
(We’ll chase the night)
We are infinite,
(In to the light)
You and I

[Lyrics to Right Now by Homebound]

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Homebound - Right Now Lyrics

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