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Human Animal - Swimming in Filth Lyrics

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Human Animal – Swimming in Filth Lyrics

Open up my front door and step out into this world.
I look around and can’t believe my eyes.
I’m trying to understand, trying to take it all in.
Wondering how we lost our ways.

Do you like, do you like what you see?
Filth and garbage up to your knees.
No pride, no love for our homes and streets.
Our future is looking… it’s looking kinda bleak.

Why… Don’t… You even care!!?!?!

Walking under street lights, winds blow, debris flies by.
Is this all we have to look forward to?
Night falls and we lock our doors. My heart pumps, I hope I’ll be okay.
Do I want my child to live like this?

Are our values getting lost?
Were they ever really there?
No heroes, no idols. What’s the price and what’s the cost?
The plague is in the air.

Why… Don’t… You even care!!?!?!

We are the landfill kings…
We are the landfill kings…
We are the landfill kings…
of this rotten world, of this waste of life.

[Lyrics to Swimming in Filth by Human Animal]

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