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Hundred Waters - Out Alee Lyrics

Hundred Waters – Out Alee Lyrics

We went away on a Saturday
Oh, what a day! What a fantastic morning
Look out alee
There, there out alee
There out a’leaning
Thought I saw lightning
There in the middle of… what a haze
Just a phase!
Oh very oh so frightening

[Chorus] Where there’s a war
There is a war
There is a warning
Thought I saw lightning

Why am I hiding?
Get it off me
Get it… get in…
And hold on
Or fall out

Are we in the middle of providence?
Innocence is in a sense oh so frightening


But where did it come from?
It’s not supposed to happen
O lord
No sign
No way out
Way out
Way out

Why am I hiding?
Get it off me
Hold on
Or fall out

[Lyrics to Out Alee by Hundred Waters]

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  • Summer says:

    To me, this song represents the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Asian influenced beat only adds to my belief. “Look out Alee..I thought I saw lightning..” At the explosion of nuclear bombs lightning discharges sometimes occur. “What a haze.” These lines seem self explanatory but the haze part could be referring to the mushroom cloud and the smoke that spread outward. The song even goes on to talk about a war (WWII), “when there’s a war, there is a war, There is a warning.” The “why am I hiding line” could be a victim confused about what just happened, since no one really knew about atomic bombs and this was a new weapon. Victims of an atomic bomb, if you were lucky (lucky in this situation) and far enough away from ground zero, you were burned by the rays and flames from the blast. So the line “get it off me” could be the stinging pain of Thermal burns from infrared heat radiation or from beta burns and such. “Or fall out” could two things to me, like to die or the radioactive particles stirred up by or resulting from a nuclear explosion and descending through the atmosphere. The death part would make sense in the context but fallout in a sense of the aftermath of a nuclear explosion makes sense also. “Are we in the middle of providence”, or, are we in the protective care of God or of nature. “But where did it come from? It’s not supposed to happen..” again, people really didn’t know what an atomic bomb was.”O lord.. No sign.. No way out” this gives me chills because you cannot escape an atomic bomb, especially when it was so unexpected.
    Also, Alee means on the side of a ship that is sheltered from the wind (wind from a firestorm?)

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