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I Guard the Throne - Imprints Lyrics

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I Guard the Throne – Imprints Lyrics

Ambiance is hard to find when imprints are felt behind
Panic we set aside or we will be killed in time
We most remain as shadows
For our crimes we have committed
Our thoughts are closed up inside

It just fuels our mind
Decay is filled up high
We awake to be buried alive with our fearful thoughts
Feeding on adrenaline we run
Until we see no more
Living in darkness
Is now our reality
We must keep our identity a secret
Or face our bitter end

Easing our identity is now our reality so we
Don’t become a fatality we must get out of this place.
Five years later i peaked out my window to see a man
Dressed to the nines with a piece of paper in his hand
I looked at you and we broke free.

On the run once again this time its over i put a bullet right through that mother fucker head.
We found a new reality we disappeared with time
In a world distant and far behind.
We must keep our identity a secret
Or face our bitter end
(easing our identity is finally over) x2

[Lyrics to Imprints by I Guard the Throne]

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