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Illitry - Runaways Lyrics

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Illitry – Runaways Lyrics

[Verse 1] One sleeps
One winds down the window
Another drives
And as you look on
We bypass another city

[Chorus] It’s been a long year

[Verse 2] I’ve heard that the ocean
Is bluer than any sky
That the people a bunch of runaways
Like seeds that boarded the wind
To a greener other side
Their hopes turned real

[Chorus] It’s been a long year

[Verse 3] If our money’s running out
We’ll run it until it’s dry
We’ll keep what we can carry
And go the rest of foot
It will rain
It will come down
But we will drink it like its wine
We will sprawl out
On the shoreline
We will leave our clothing in the sand.

[Chorus] It’s been a long year

[Lyrics to Runaways by Illitry]

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