Illuminist - Casual Lyrics

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Illuminist – Casual Lyrics

I come from a town of hustlers and lost souls.
It’s strange to say that where I feel lost is my own home.
But in the heart of chaos, I’m tryna reach my pay off.
People cheatin’ and stealin’, I’m tellin’ em all to lay off.
See a label is a payroll but you ain’t ever get a day off.
And if they really like you, you’re nothing more than stage prop.
Then these motherfuckers try to play it off like I was new to it.
I stood up quick and told these punks I had nothing to do with it.
And I was through with it. So sick of being tired.
Hence, my name is Ill. And with these rhymes, I’m gettin’ people fired.
I desire a life where my art’s my only requirement.
And I can see the world and probably have an early retirement.
Ha! Wishful thinking. Surely, I’ve been drinking
to get that crazy thought in my head, I must be losin’ it.
They told me that I couldn’t be doing this, but I’m doin’ it.
They told me that I’m not stable, that I’m a lunatic.
But really I’m just a poet, my name’s Illuminist.
Cause I’m illuminating lures of satan in this music shit.
And you can keep a watchful eye so you can see it all.
The tricks of the narcissists, they stacking up carcasses.

They say that chaos is casual. I don’t mind.
The tragedies surrounding me seem to have made them blind.
But my eyes are wide open and I am constantly hoping.
For a change in society where everyone can be open,
about religion, decisions. I envisioned serenity.
In a world where we exchange only our positive energy.
And we have an identity, made peace with our enemies.
And I’m breaking down barriers with my lyric delivery.
Sincerity. I am angry, but I love every person in my life,
even those who are above me.
Sometimes I’m asking myself, do they love me?
Or I maybe I mean nothing.
It’s hard to say, it’s hard to judge, but here’s the thing.
I am just another kid with some burdens on his brain,
and I’m hurtin’ for a change. But the norm is same.
I just want a world with no discrimination in race.
I mean don’t get it twisted, I can tell jokes to your face.
But there’s one thing in the world I won’t promote and that’s hate.
So you can see the injustice in the world and look away,
or you manipulate the trends to get out what you need to say, like this.

I only say this shit for shock. I ain’t mean it.
The metronome is ticking like a clock, and I feel it.
The music in me, but these lyrics are empty.
So if there’s one thing I can say to you sincerely.
Don’t hate.

[Lyrics to Casual by Illuminist]

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