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Images – Identities Lyrics

Bring me down so you might build me up,
Here I am, all of me lying at your feet.
Speak to me not through the tongues of man,
Poison speech, bearing fangs, binded by your
Cancerous breed.

Reaching, who are you?
Tell me, where are you?
Reaching, who are you?
Tell me, who am I?

I am grace, I am faith, I’m the reason you breathe.
I am life, I am death, I’m the tremor at your feet.
Pick me up and wipe the blood from my brow.
Famished, defeated, I rise from the ground.

(Blood is flowing, through my veins, take a breath, live again.)
You can have me any time or or day, this weight is lifted off my shoulders. I never thought that I’d be here to stay, I never thought that I’d forget my past

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