Iman Shumpert - Versace Lyrics

Iman Shumpert – Versace Lyrics

Versace Versace
Medusa head on me, I guess I’m a wify
Three ABA coming, you see that we’re rocking
Behind you gonna stack it!
These rumors are stupid, but leave it too goofy
I’m switching the topic.
See, I’mma force you to love
I don’t wait to my substance, I’m giving you options
Just’ my nigga, the shit that I’m seeing’ crazy! (meow)
Impossible’s nothing, promoting the deed is,
You know that they pay me!
Why you think that I’m standing?
The ‘is a boy and I’ve never been lazy
When it come to this rap,
Auditioning that crap like they did in the 80s.

But why do you let the, don’t get that dough
I dropped and they left with the gift frap
With the’ better take cover when it explodes.
And I told ya, I told ya all that I’m chosen
And my work out too important
If you don’t believe that I’mma stand on this league
Let me hit whatever you’re smoking!
Let’s race whatever you’re driving
If you hate, I’m deleting your comment.
Trust me baby, I’m grinding, hoe!
Trust me baby, I’m grinding!
Mellow tour, it take a cheer pill
And take a year to gain back your timing
Well, I ain’t gain back my timing, hoe!

Versace Versace
Medusa head on me,
Don’t turn me to stone!
Medusa, Medusa, I’m spending the grip just to see you in gold
She swing on my neck,
She pose on my pinky, she sit on my nose
Only problem with Shawty,
They made her a song and now she a hoe, hoe!
But why do you lie, I don’t get that dough
By the time they rocked what they’
Now we’re looking at the watch
Like, why does she look so old?
Confused face, … that, guess what’s in my backpack?
King’s way, kill Thor, you see that this case gets spilled on
Game of thrones, seen that, they gonna love that on Instagram
I promise they gonna love that
And so we dance, 3 AD, baby!
King swat, swat, swat!

[Lyrics to Versace by Iman Shumpert]

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Iman Shumpert - Versace Lyrics

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