Imre Lodbrog - Good Boy Lyrics

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Imre Lodbrog – Good Boy Lyrics

I’m trying my best to be a good boy
But it seems I can’t succeed
My soul is a mess, I am no sex toy
I sure am not the one you need
The one you need, baby
Is no romantic crazy fool
A superman maybe
Twisting by the swimming pool

Well I’m doing the most that I can
Not to be the one I am
A lucky star in a rock band
With more than nothing in his hands

I sure am not the one you want
The one you want baby
Would take you out to fancy restaurants
Holidays in Waikiki
A chicken fried in Kentucky

Well I’m trying my best to be a good man
Cool, calm and relax
But I’m jealous as a tiger and stupid as a ram
A castle made of cracks

But you might be the one I want
The one I need, baby
To turn me on and lift me up
Turn the toad into a prince
And the nasty fellow that I am
Into a good boy

[Lyrics to Good Boy by Imre Lodbrog]

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Imre Lodbrog - Good Boy Lyrics

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