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In Dynamics - Grace Lyrics

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In Dynamics – Grace Lyrics

Was anything ever how we remember it now
Where do I begin, with all the things I could of been
Was it worth all you thought it could be worth
With hope we emerge
Love isn’t all we deserve

But I could never let it go
I could never hold my own

It’s nothing short of a miracle, love

Could you count all the steps you’ve taken now
Will time run out on me
Oh all the things I’ve never seen
I’m falling fast, as fast as the sand in the hourglass
What could I have become, with all the things I should of done

But I could never let it go
I could never hold my own
Never search
A beautiful heart will never be left alone

You’re nothing short of a miracle, love

We’ll rise like summer leaves
when umbrella rips in-case in dust
We’ll fall with the winter sun
Now this aching shade in-cases us

We’re not exactly the same
Would you find me if I caved in

Can we always say the way is forward

[Lyrics to Grace by In Dynamics]

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