In Element - Unchain Lyrics

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In Element – Unchain Lyrics

I sat down in the mind-shore
Where lies balance between beauty and perfection
It’s a fine line in the firmament
Of your thoughts

What’s the message written in the sand?
Why do waves sweep it away?
Why the lasting seek of understanding
Hurts and leaves scars within us?

Doesn’t feel like we are the mess left behind?
But whose?

And I know what the question is in your mind
And the answer is “Because of you”
(What are we in this world for?)

We are a fraction in time
In this, particle of universe dust
Where darkness pulls you inside, but…

An unstoppable victory waits
When your heart speaks out
Through your words

Just look inside yourself
And every time you’ll find
A new path
A new world

Outside, as far as your eyes can see
As far as your sight can reach
It’s the same world every time
Feeding lifeless lives

Unchain yourself from perfection
Unchain myself from the past
Unchain yourself from these moments
Unchain myself from the past
Chains are not less than your own heart

[Lyrics to Unchain by In Element]

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Artist In Element Lyrics
AlbumShapes Of Eternity (2014)

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In Element - Unchain Lyrics

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