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In Much Of Madness - Strife Lyrics

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In Much of Madness – Strife Lyrics

In the passing of the night came a sound,
A foul scent was carried on the wind,
It Brought upon the bellows of the hounds,
As the animals abandoned their dens,

The Horizon was alive with a glow,
Fueled evermore as explosions rang out,
How could the Innocent be expected to know,
That the hell would soon take the towns?

In a moment it all was gone,
Everything was laid to rest,
Only ghosts were left in their wake,
As they moved on to the next,

The princes offered up their gold,
While the paupers hardened up their bones,
One thought he could buy back his soul,
While the other just fought for his home,

Then Darkness soon consumed the keeps,
Until the halls were filled with screams,
The children hid beneath their sheets,
Their bloodshot eyes longed for sleep,

They fled to reaches far away,
May hope let them find a new day,
The past was left to decay,
as they moved to the homes they might reach,

A single man arose from the ashes,
His mind was sick from the scene,
Not only had they taken his love,
But the bastards got away clean,

The hatred swelled inside him,
He swore an oath on her name,
“For the streets will run red with the blood of their dead,
and he’d teach them the meanings of pain,”

Soon he was covered in blood,
His rage grew thick like the mud,
Till finally he was certain,
He’d found the man behind the curtain,

Well the whole world seemed to cease,
As it emerged from the veil,
The lust for blood hung thick in the air,
As both moved in for the kill.

[Lyrics to Strife by In Much Of Madness]
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