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INKA - Cold Lyrics

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INKA – Cold Lyrics

I like to spend my Mondays
Downloading science fiction novels
Naked in my room

And I haven’t slept since Saturday
Cause if I dreamed then I would wake
With arms reaching for you

I’d love to tell you little lies
I’m up on rooftops every night
A face within a sea of clever faces
Eradicating all your scarlet traces

I’m cold
Cold to you cold to you

I was frozen up on Bloor
Took a walk to clear my head
But ended up afraid instead

I thought about the chance that I
Could call you, it would be alright
But i was in a bad bad way baby

I’d love to make you think that I
Was spending my nights getting high on
Touches from a thousand other people
But here’s my church and here’s my lonely steeple

I’m cold
Cold to you cold to you

I wanna make you realize
That i’m not ok all the time
Maybe it’s my fault for overstepping our thin line

I’m cold
Cold to you cold to you

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