INKA - TV Shows Lyrics

INKA – TV Shows Lyrics

Teddy sighs
He says his life is sugar-free
Sits upon the step outside the jazz marquee
Rolls a cigarette and shuffles up for me

He says I see you like I catch colours after rain
The way a penny glimmers down a dusty drain
You’re so far
You’re so far
A distant star

And I laughed a little
Cause I’m not at all
The silver comet or
The daydream doll
I spent last week thinking I’d lost it all
Watching episodes of tv shows

Teddy looks through telescopes the wrong side
But i say that he is made of better hide
Far too good
Far too good

But he laughs a little
Says he’s not at all
More refined than
Poetry on bathroom stalls
He spent last week all alone and feeling small
Watching episodes of tv shows

The sky changes colour
He’s calling a cab
Says go find another
I say you’re all that i have

But I am driven home
And am not at all
His silver comet or
His daydream doll
We spend the night apart, our darkened walls
Reflecting episodes of tv shows

[Lyrics to TV Shows by INKA]

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