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Into It. Over It. - New North-Side Air Lyrics

Into It. Over It. – New North-Side Air Lyrics

I laid down last year,
Traded tobacco for new North-side air
And filled up my lungs with our home.
Here I go again.

That’s my problem with fear,
Always tossing and turning.
Hung up on aging
But letting my age start to show.

I’ve let myself go again.
Here I go again.
Same by day, But at night I lie awake,
Left to imagine your evenings in more desirable states.

You’ll be left to guess
Why the house is a mess while I wait,
Impatiently irate!
And asking: “Hi, hello, how are you?

Do I know your name?
Drained by day cause
At night I lie awake with fate,
Because fate, fate’s got the keys to this place.

I laid down my thoughts,
Traded my steps for a new North-side waltz
And paced through the rooms of our home,
Here I go again.
Here I go again.
Here I go again.
Here I go again.

[Lyrics to New North-Side Air by Into It. Over It.]
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