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IQ - Devil's Advocate Lyrics

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IQ – Devil’s Advocate Lyrics

Ey so they love to hear the story again and again
Bout kids born wit nothin findin ways to win
Feel this hype from gentiles to canninites
You got a pea shooter
That thrice fresh more the cannon type
Blowin holes through intellect
Wit more dose than these lab coat men prescribe (yea)
I vocalize frustrations of our answers
Teachin final chapters of the bible backwards
And while their sights on the sky for raptures
I came from behind
And slay six antichrist thrice
Red dot through that scope thats my mark of the beast
I’ll pull him onto his knees
Find me with the ancient moors or the jesuit priests
Teachin me polarity
Crown me the rarity
Play the devil’s advocate and marry light and dark
Through some sirian transmits my flow is from classics
Disguised in art
Gimmie two of everything just like noahs ark
Two bottles, models and 2pac we’ll have a start
Yea thats a start, we’ll have a start
We can always add more boy but thats a start
Yea thats a start (well thats a start)
(Alot of stuff happens that the news won’t tell you.All hell loose)

Wake up we gettin down
Wake up we gettin down
Wake up we gettin down
Right now hold on like la la la la la la la
Like la la la la la la la

Alot of stuff happens that the news won’t tell you
All hell loose
Dazed off of false truths
True lions of judah is in trouble
Flip channels
Tryna meet the next power couple
Numb results of the dark twisted puzzle
Got a shot to make it
Better hope it came wit a muzzle
I’m yellin that its THERVPY for souls
My thoughts straight
But I’m on a crooked road
And If I don’t succeed
Tell the lord to let me go
Let me
Let me go like

La la la la la la la

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