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Ishmael - Friar Fight Lyrics

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Ishmael – Friar Fight Lyrics

As the evening’s fading
Slowly into night
Two leave for the woods
Please be home back in time

Any hesitation
Mother had held back inside
Now comes rushing in
With her children outside

Happily they two would roll along
Happily they two did walk together

Please be home back in time

In the blind green forest
White eyes cut like ice
No one living hears
As the children cry

Then they turn
Eyes wide
Blackened fur
Darker than the night
Speaks the beast
Without a sound
And they fall
Children fall to the ground

Happily they two did roll along
Happily they two did walk together

As the nighttime’s taken now over
By morning light
No sign of the ones
Who had wandered from sight

Any weary traveler
Now that should pass by
Will know not to go
To the woods in the night

[Lyrics to Friar Fight by Ishmael]
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