Issa Gold - Lions Can't Fly Lyrics

Issa Gold – Lions Can’t Fly Lyrics

Growing up, told you that you drink too much
You’re screaming out the window
The world is just like, what a fuck?
Park them to my 40 bucks
Slide my car and tip them off
Worth to sleep after we fuck
And we were right where woke up
She says, stay up’
Worth to go and chase these frauds
Later on she tried to type
But a nigga barely knew what’s up
She call me up,
Are you fucked up, nigga?
Have you lost my trust
She write ‘ I won’t give a fuck!
She said I put a complain ‘down a drink
I’m out before you need to go to work.
Hold up, cause when it’s good,
You know that she can fucking get it
Love’ where we let it
But instead we’re baby trusting
So we just drift away
Ain’t no game for us to play
She called me up, ‘homie, come over,
She got some think to say
I sat down and rolled it up
Thinking we’re about to make up
She say she ain’t with that
My nigga, right now you’re coming up
Me, I can’t tell what’
She had her focus hocus pocus to leave a nigga opened
I said, you said’
She you’re just insecure
I got up and parked my shade,
You know I’m head it for the dough
She said it’s the performing thing, you’re trying to use’
But when you look’I’ll be our medicine.
I said I wanna keep going,
She said, I just can’t control you
I can tell you where you just can take me,
Nigga, you’ to know it!

Back and forth,
All around I chase you down, you chase me round
Ain’t nobody winning unless we fucking
Let’s we’re fucking judges
Let’s go!

.. call me up, I’m getting that
Wishing that we could rewind back to where it all started out
A queen and a butterfly
Spread her wings so she can fly
Ain’t no need to catch a condom’
Groupie bitches get to come
Together we fucked the show alive.. butterfly
Get it, we can never get it
Together we’re at our best..
I cannot help that she’s hopeless
Hold on! Talk all that shit!
Back and forth I stop the kicks
They get bored and try to hit
And start a’ but I go with.
She know she can’t lead his dick
I can’t lead my favorite’
Ricochet’ all this about to hit in.
‘and that’s a hit,
Tripping now, I’m after it
If we can ‘ the world can handle it!
Hold up, my candy girl
With my’ outside the world
Let’s’ in every curl. Keep it classy!
Niggas watching, but they can never pass me
Everlasting’ niggas get close, and you can have it
She got an OG, I can work my magic
But in concept, she on my mind,
Nigga can’t break the habbit!
She said you changed her
I said, I feel amazing
Ain’t trying to change her,
But I’m just trying to become your favorite rider
She said you’re blowing up
‘ your phone, you don’t pick up
You could phone me
Now you need to smoke some weed to throw it up

[Lyrics to Lions Can’t Fly by Issa Gold]

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Issa Gold - Lions Can't Fly Lyrics

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