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Jamall Bufford - Higher Lyrics (Feat. Neco Redd)

Jamall Bufford – Higher Lyrics (Feat. Neco Redd)

Radiant black man in ya state again
Ya favorite transplant, movin crowds
The Bay before back down to LA & then
In that A in a packed house like we movin out
The sweet science
Elite rhymin
Complete mind bend
In deep concentration with each concept
But really though you already know
Hard body raps with that hard headed flow
She say she want that hard work & she want it slow
Cut her like a barber trim on the low then I’m gone on my
Outerspace travelin to modern day Babylons
Cloudy grey ambience surrounded by a massive fog
Climbin Jacob’s ladder all the way to afterthoughts
Prior to my past involvements when I had the force
With me on a voyage to Atlantis, fantastic
Bandwagon full of them ex antagonists
Ride with me like I was Jesse Lee in “Posse”
Enemies stay schemin that’s ponzi for dollar bills
Dead Clintons could turn Gandhi to Gotti
Monster, problem since Ronnie & Bobby
Ricky, Mike & Ralph was new to it in Boston
Author, James Baldwin aimin assault weapons
Caution, you don’t wanna get caught in the crosshairs
Heavy artillery & I ain’t talkin no barbells
All hail Jamall, call me sire
These niggas say that weed don’t cut it man they tryin to get

Higher, walk through the fire
My mind gone, survivor
Bloodstream flooded with the finest
My mind blown, they tryin to get
My mind blown, they tryin to get

They put them hard drugs up in our blood
Get ya heart pumpin like a sparkplug
They on that stardust for the stardom
Long as you make it up f**k where you start from
Long as you make it up f**k where you start from

And these niggas out here dyin to be hard
Throwin up signs just to find who they are
Lost in a world full of diamonds and cars
Welcomes you with open arms crucified on the cross
Once upon a time you was just like me
But now you’re too high with ya drug I.V.
Tryin to keep it 33.3 times 3
But that ain’t enough for you and me to find peace, peace

[Lyrics to Higher by Jamall Bufford (Feat. Neco Redd)]
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