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James Smith - When I Was Young Lyrics

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James Smith – When I Was Young Lyrics

When I was young
I saw no signs
Followed the roads
Where they would wind
I stayed up all night
Saw each sunrise

Thought I was smart
Thought I was wise
I threw pennies in a wishing well
I left unread books up on a shelf

When I was young
When I was young
I struggled and fought
Because what I had
Was never enough

I smoked cigarettes down to the butt
I’d empty a glass then fill it up
And of faith and trust
I learned a lot
About what they were
And what they were not
When I was young

Just like a sleepwalker unconsciously steps
I took for granted those days
It feels like forgiveness is the cure for regret
And that finally shook me awake
For every love and every friend

I feel blessed.
Guess I’ve always been.
And I know that now
Just didn’t know it then
When I was young.

[Lyrics to When I Was Young by James Smith]

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