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Jay Burna - 5AM In Lauderdale Lyrics

Jay Burna – 5AM In Lauderdale Lyrics

Open letters hoping we’d better fuck forever
Cause simple life is scary so we never say never
My issues with trust seen it be faded
Insinuating of love this sky is hatred
I need to get it out but it won’t spill
Filled with a lot of anger like I’m gonna kill
Just knocked to hospital and I’m not ill
Just a lot of fucking stress cause this shit real
I love my mind after I stack chips
If I got it be telling me watch it for yo chips
Show them a wining we in this white linen
Happiness is winning even if it’s all sinning
Me and my niggers got the same car
Get…without selling a single soul
For a profit don’t get off topic I’m not your rocket
It has my pocket with the Johnny Cochran descending from the locksmith
Or they’ll do me like buck in that BM
This on the 5th like Phinny …
You could see my future on Luigi
The game only green like Luigi
No Super Mario though we stay up in…
Had us all in the streets gorilla Mighty Joe
Ready to pick Minnie Mo
And with this many flow Imma let one to my niggers go

First they love you then they hate you then they love you again
I wonder when this face shit go in
See this shit me and my brothers…
Be the reason why our ringing never come to an ends
We some kings, kiss the ring no matter your religion
Now you working to the lifestyle that we live in
In the game no permission even though they play blind
Still they see the vision getting credit over missions
Getting money over bitches
And I’ll promise you’ll se riches
Believe me ever get cause
Slipping in the bitch start tripping
Pout road to success filled with visions
Either way my niggers straight dog
Niggers in the hood with white bars but don’t play golf
Running all day sharp like a razor
Controlling this game Imma motherfucking play up
But I don’t play all let’s get this shit straight up
My niggers real we don’t faux with the fake …
When they live wanna hit you when they spray
Show me whatcha got today I show you what I got forever
Splash I brought jewels on your ass
My nigger talking to school with no class

[Jay Burna – 5AM In Lauderdale Lyrics]
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