Jay Dot Rain - Common Man Lyrics

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Jay Dot Rain – Common Man Lyrics

I made the impossible possible.
Nowadays imm twissin haze & doing everything mama
Told a nigga not to do.
Bama Bred, City slickers say I gotta lot to prove.
Free throws.
Life worth taking a shot or two.
You know – know what they say about
Niggas with passion – pick up where shit be lackin.
Mackin – hangin & Mackin in newest of fashion.
Alert for them niggas it’s one or two that’s always jacking.
Say no more.
Getting congrats from cats i never knew.
Tweets from overseas.
The need for me is overdue.
Studio camped out my niggas twissin
Stank up. writing shit that I thank up.
Bitches mad that I came up.
Wondering why I ain’t thank em.
Life’s a gamble.
Played the cards I was dealt.
Took a chance with my aces.
Now the jokes on you.
Testimony to my homies
Look my life pulled thru.
Ain’t finish runnin,
But that finish line comin.
Young & gunnin for the stars.
Tryna be in good company.
Want that top spot.
Give a fuck who sitting under me.
Get it family.
So we can live comfortably.
This just who I am.
A common man – if you was wondering.
Papa said if you want it
Just keep a pressing on.
& if it’s in you let it show in each & every song.
Make sure i rep my home.
Forever puttin on.
It’s a must I do it till the day I’m gone.

Here we go.
This that shit
That make you wanna
Turn up your stereo.
Everywhere we go.
They stop & stare.
Fasho. life of a young nigga.
(wonder how I did it — said it, then I did it.)
Got these niggas mad when I pull up.
Flyer than butch.
In the sky if you look up.
(wonder how I did it — said it, then I did it.)

Times got hard.
Life got harder.
Had to put up my guard
Had to think a lil smarter.
The price i paid.
The time I spent.
Used to pay for the stu
Skip out on rent.
Call it passion.
Seen it comin.
Wasn’t prepared
Fuck it – I’m
Built for whatever.
& if I lose guarantee I’m gettin better.
Nigga never gave up.
Overtime, twoadays, did it all
Same mindset – I just wanna get paid.
Be amazed.
This shit ain’t happen overnight.
Swear it was some days.
But i can say it was worth it right?
Doing shows with my homies.
Magazines know my name.
Write verses with a purpose.
Look how fast life change.
If you ever get the chance.
Wanna help u understand.
I started off as a common man.
rpt. & I ain’t never had a damn thang given to me.

[Lyrics to Common Man by Jay Dot Rain]

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Artist Jay Dot Rain Lyrics
Album"Common Man Project" (2014)

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Jay Dot Rain - Common Man Lyrics

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