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JD Era - Rice in China Town Lyrics

JD Era – Rice in China Town Lyrics

Illustrating the truth

I’m selling dreams like rice in China Town
This some shit you gotta see, it ain’t the same if I write it down
My time is now, this liquor I’m sippin’ brown
I’m picturing my dick is king, girl, let your mouth be the crown
If the studio like Coolio, my boy is fantastic
My drive, like eat your mess, I ain’t worried ’bout traffic
If we see you take the torch, we ain’t ask you to pass it
If I can bring back a rabbit, be old dirty basket
Follow the flow, I’m banging bitches like a pair of Glocks
She gave me head three times, try serum tops
I’m known to swear a lot, but never gave a fuck, though
Cause it’s cut, yo, with a machete at your front door
I fuck hoes, you the type that wipe a chicken, suck toes
I’m the type to tell a bitch to hit the stripping muscle
I get it and she get it
I get it and she don’t
Make my money, make some money
Broke some lawrie, nigga boom (..)

I tell ’em love yo’ bricks, young man
Love ya bricks
Don’t get too caught up in that fast life!
But when we switching lanes, young man
Don’t get too caught up in that fast life!

Niggas is jokers, rappers sellin’ great ambean
And BBO gun, got Mac green, yeah, you in the Opera
Hold on, got Mac green, yeah, I’m on my Ogra
I’m like a dollar on the club promoter
They should have told ya, I squeeze ass cheese like a cobra
These bitches love it when I call ’em ova

[Lyrics to Rice in China Town by JD Era]

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