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Jered Sanders - Boys on the Radio Lyrics

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Jered Sanders – Boys on the Radio Lyrics

So you think a nigga don’t go hard,
Then you niggas must chief, like Tonto,
Lost top, like a misplaced toupee,
Ball hard, no J’s like Rondo,
And I’m heavy starched,
Nice whip, and I’m clean like censorship,
And my cut clean and my swipe good and I can’t make sense of it,
And I got my J’s on,
Concords in my concourse or my converses,
Conscious over my concepts,
So when conjugated, my cons perfect,
Now I blew (blue), I can crip walk,
Some niggas talk slick from a sick mind,
Some niggas play it save, like a Cover 2,
But I’d rather pick 6 when it’s hit time,
Mmmmm, nigga, I got hook like a post up,
For the bread, niggas loaf, get your toast up,
Either way, for the change or the grain on the coupe,
Petty niggas turn fruit, like a roll up,
Hol’ up, snapback wit’ a leather band,
Speak truth, like a preach in a pulpit,
She said do I like flower bomb,
I said nah, but I’d prefer two lips (tulips),
Playboy gotta break heart pronto,
Now they in the crib mourning, like Alonzo,
Said real recognize real, don’t it?
So why the hell am I around these John Does? Hol’ up, (get a close up)
Post up, (get a quote for your poster)
Post up on your bedroom awning,
What, niggas mad that you chose us? Huh,
Baby girl, like Usain, I’ll sprint home,
Feeling like we’ve been out of touch,
Sprint phones.
I know you might not be for my jargon, sports metaphor,
But I’ll pick and roll to that night spot,
Give and go to that Lex door,
I’mma soar and that bars high, so that limbo pass,
Easier than simple math,
Gramma said, used to be a time where the restaurants they ain’t sit the blacks,
So my cars black,
All black,
When I back out, they backin’ off,
Funny with all this racism,
The highest limit is that black card, I want it,

All the girls love the boys on the radio,
All the girls love the boys on the radio,
All the girls love the boys on the radio,
On the radio, On the radio,

Think a nigga back to bull,
Actual, I’m bout that life,
One for the money, but I passed go twice,
Niggas gon’ gripe, but I’m dumb fly,
So I’m dumb high, like I just hit the Astro twice,
He wants to be on for eons,
But we on,
King Kong, or I’m like Leon, tuh!
So if the light bright, or it gleam Neon,
Prime Time and I’m like Deion, chuch!
Everybody hustling crack, bussing back like Rosa Parks,
You niggas get no remarks,
Two of the same kind, like Noah’s Ark,
I know God, it’s difficult to fight through my Haiku,
Like Sanchez, jet fam, cause I’m strapped up with my flight crew,
And I’ll suicide, backflip, dive outta this jet, fact,
If I drop without a parachute,
I planned ahead, I got a jet packed,
Til I’m taking off and I make it momma,
Take my Grammy with a platinum plaque,
I’mma soar,
Measure my height, like me and my niggas standing back to back,
You know, life is like a big audition,
Trying to keep you calling back,
Til I hit that strip and cash and I’mma get me all of that,
Drape my broad in Cartier,
Sip it til it’s gone and yack,
Piss out all this excellence with a snapback, so where the ballers at? I’m gone.
160 dash,
150 racks,
Chasing that cheddar,
That Easy Mac, off that,
Like a 3-4 defense, on daylight savings time,
Cause it’ll get dark real early,
Over nigga’s offensive lines,
Trynna keep a love for the underground, like a submarine,
So I record,
Everybody wanna talk fly shit, but they raps plain (plane) so they all aboard, (huh)
But let’s be real, better not front or try to play me though,
You’re only trynna be on cause you heard this on the radio, nice,

All the girls love the boys on the radio,
All the girls love the boys on the radio,
All the girls love the boys on the radio,
On the radio, On the radio

[Lyrics to Boys on the Radio by Jered Sanders]

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