Jetpack Jones - Both Lyrics

Jetpack Jones – Both Lyrics

Look, only looking for relation, I don’t need no shit
When both get to rock it, might get two six
I’m try to be the greatest player like the (?)
Then give me on traffic one night or six
Making moves with my niggas and my main bitch
Baby only speak my language
Royalty is a part of an arrange
Free mind and money making man, there is no entertainment
I some loud and I know my neighbors hate me
But is only cuz Im smoking that lame shit
See y homie hating for my high great and (?)
It will come right down if you anxious
But in part there’s a wait list and I get right back
Free em but I’m stayin gonna stay on my gang shit
Working on raps talking cracking all round my (?)
Try to double up my cash and have a safe trip
The money they come and nigga roll
Same thing with a whore
So we the one, we the one
But you better get off

Money and the whores, maybe we get both
Money and the whores, maybe we get both
West side til I die and get a new pipe
Tell a nigga getting on (?)
And the nigga still talking that woap
Cuz the bitches know the words to my song
Dont waist my time and if I can make that
Dont smoke my wide just shake that ass
Zip my dreams just making class
But then put your fate all in my mouth
Far from a love song, fuck and smoke bust some
Turn it up when its just gone
I live on the streets with you plugs on
You trap by the bendo, Im trap by my room
Emergency (?) my product is chose
Wippin and wippin against the paper
But mama on

But how got more money and they dont know what to do with?
The money come and nigga roll, same thing with a hore
So we the one, we the one
But a nigga get love, you nigga get love
Money and the wore, young nigga get buff
Money and the wore, young nigga get buff

[Lyrics to Both by Jetpack Jones]

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