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Jetpack Jones - Contact High Lyrics

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Jetpack Jones – Contact High Lyrics

Smooth breeze
Naps flow in the wind
As I grow from within
Feelin like I’m home again
They can never let a nigga live
Once he find enlightenment
Soon as I find it
I’m dippin then
Share my ends with friends
Look at dividends
Miles Davis on the c note
Fuck that boy Benjamin
He ain’t never did a thang for me
Why am I working so hard to see his face each week?
Fuck that

Baby spread those cheeks
Jazzy ass beat make a nigga wanna beat
Jazzy ass vibes
Get live in the sheets
Suga bring the whipped cream
If you want me to eat
Put it on your strawberry
I can taste it
It’s sweet
Make your legs shake
When I’m lickin it deep
back to the hustle
I done showed you the freak
But I gotta keep workin
For my family tree
Keep us well grounded
And outta the streets
Help my brother pay back his university fees
And I wanna drive a Benz
Off the lot
No lease

push button start
Don’t give me no keys
I got a bad college chick
She don’t smoke no trees
she inhales deep
When she Rollin with me
Contact high
I make her fly
She gimme good head
And I give her the sky
I got a lot of jazz records
I’m old school guy
Movin on up
To get a piece of the pie
And I hope it ain’t apple
That’s too all American
If I wasn’t rappin
I’d be trappin out the Sheraton
That’s a slight exaggeration
But I’d get it at a high mark
7am faded
That’s a high start
Point guard in the universal scheme
Playin my part
In fine art

[Lyrics to Contact High by Jetpack Jones]

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