Jez Dior - Who Drank My Whiskey Lyrics

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Jez Dior – Who Drank My Whiskey Lyrics

First Verse:
Lord, let her remember this night
and you bless her soul
whats wrong just feels so right
and you know we know, we cursed from the start
we put all the life in what makes the art
I feel like ghost, who i love the most
dont know anything but the liquor and toasts
and im fucking broke, and im fucking stoned
i take the pills down just like its a road
but momma dont know, and momma wont see
and what the eye dont catch baby cant hurt a bee
were wasted, were faded
were two faced baby were jaded
I hope we dont make it, were fucking naked
I’ll throw the money out and I hope you’ll take it

the high is here, you come around, you love me now
you finish it all, then you shut me down x2

Second Verse:
We only love when were wasted
the breeze that my face hits
lets take it back to the basics
only love naked thats racist
we only love when you get my soul
oo girl I wanna taste it
my sober mind paranoid oh girl i just hate it
I wanna get nice and just keep this cold
give it up when im old
probably not, fuck you pop
not a kid that takes shit a lot
I keep up, 5am
baddest luck, this shit again
burying one of my friends
but i keep drinking till my end
and you keep drinking till the bottles empty
models temp me, but ill give it all because I know that god has sent me
until you give up
throwing my shit like i bang
thats because I love my family this ones that keep me sane
I’m almost gone I swear you just have them to thank
I promise that ill stay baby just dont touch my drank
but your the only one to save me, crazy
dont act like you know girl you aint me

the high is here, you come around, you love me now
you finish it all, then you shut me down x2

baby you miss me,
who drank the whiskey?
baby you miss me,
you drank my whiskey?

[Lyrics to Who Drank My Whiskey by Jez Dior]

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Jez Dior - Who Drank My Whiskey Lyrics

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