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JF Robitaille - Vanished Rival Lyrics

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JF Robitaille – Vanished Rival Lyrics

My vanished rival you’re not drowning in heartache
I’m not looking for you everywhere I know
I’m not lost, you’re not lost and what does it matter?
When somebody leaves where they go

You weren’t some staggering debutant
I never made a stunning debut

Maybe in some dark run down restaurant
Your black coffee and mine so sweet
I was sugar sick and we were in so deep
Is that where I left you?
I know sometimes smoke gets in my eyes
But I seem to recall almost nothing else at all
Just you across some table
The rest is a mystery
Our sick city fable

We’ll call it My Vanished Rival
What’s left of you and what’s left of me?
We explained it away so easily
But I miss your highs and lows
Your lows and your highs
And our thousand goodbyes

The first of the last of the true one and onlys
Not wide eyed but careless
See, what happens is the rest
I still don’t love you any less
I still don’t know what’s good for me.

There’s some film locked away with a few other things I kept
And if I watched it I might dissolve
Or go up in flames
Ashes to ashes ‘till nothing remains
Like my vanished rival

[Lyrics to Vanished Rival by JF Robitaille]

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