Jimmy Johnson - Rolling Deep Lyrics

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Jimmy Johnson – Rolling Deep Lyrics

They can’t handle her, animal!
Eating off her like cannibal
I break bread with my family, bro
Family dinner at Delaware
I bought my whole rising sky
Bad bro from the Amazon
Faking niggers trying to ride along
‘Cause I carry wholes in my caviar
I ain’t a bitch nigger rocking leotard
I rock tempts and I roll cigar sheets
Living life and going from the heart
With no remorse shit, no regard
Lately, niggers wanna body me
‘Cause my wood grain is haugging me
Wanna die, you wanna de for me?
‘Cause I’m rolling hard and I’m rolling D’s

[Chorus] Rolling hard, rolling D
Rolling hard so come cruise with me!

My shorty got a thing for the blend
Diamond on the neck and a diamond on the ring
Diamond in the back ‘cause money ain’t the thing
And I see that shorty thrill, there’s a hundred dollar bill
Lust with the street, and everyday man that I meet
Shorty wanna it ten, I’m the man with the heat
This I brought ten to the beach
The fam’s got a plan so the fam’s gotta eat
Money’s gonna eat so we practice what we eat
You in my heart, so you part of the feast
Ain’t no one considered the least
And you don’t wanna pounce with me
You don’t really want no beef,
If I see you on the street it ain’t gon’be no peace
Slow creep, pull the heat from under the sheet
Fucking with me, it ain’t sweet
Ain’t nobody touching the kings, know what I mean?

[Chorus] Rolling hard, rolling D
Rolling hard so come cruise with me!

[Lyrics to Rolling Deep by Jimmy Johnson]

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Jimmy Johnson - Rolling Deep Lyrics

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