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Joelistics - Everyone Everything Lyrics

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Joelistics – Everyone Everything Lyrics

Dive in the dirt of the best laid plans
Vexation or something similar to science
See how the longest night made the brain explode with a thousand questions quivering
Cold in the confined feel of the violent claim
That we were all made to decay
With a hungry head and a curious heart
We’re a stupid species brothers in arms
In the face of a furious fortune
Bolt from the gates in a pair of Air Jordan’s
I gotta cancer cool with a standard mule
He’s a beast of burden to carry my boredom
I never ticked no boxes
Washed up Robinson Crusoe gospel
A little bit dizzy and a little obnoxious
Tryna pour salt in the wounds of your logic
I don’t give a fuck fall flat faced down on my luck
With a lover who is more than gracious
Chewed up catalog keen embarrassment
Caught in the chemistry walk to the gallows of the castle
Fire works ringing in the New Year Fire
Bomb everything, we are all new here
Wake up, Sing a lot of K Pop eat a lot of junk food
Show em what your made of, come to
At a gig with a marshal stack
And a harp in the clouds with a halo
I’m a pig with with a horses head
And a lions heart and I unleash rainbows

Taste the fucking rainbow
Consume, Feel Good, Don’t Think
Consume, Feel Good, Obey
Unlearn, Upgrade, Download

Feel Good, Climax, Climax, Climax

Hey bone machine you’re a time machine
You’re a type of machine what a tight machine
You’re a feature film that likes to breathe
What a sight to see would you like to see
What I sing when I sing for the sake of the bass
A beacon of beats indecent
Adjacent to all of your predictable
Communications, caution thrown to the wind
And I’m awesome, thrown to the wolf
Like an orphan
Hunt for the jewels embedded in the sound
Discordant, gorgeous, words are a type a
Distortion torment hewn from wreck and the ruin
Brace for the on coming impact
These thoughts are more like an implant
These walls were made to keep in bad
Chimpanzees and apes and we’ve been that
Get loose with a keyboard keep an eye on all the people
Trying to be the next big thing I don’t kiss the ring
I don’t watch the throne I’m a loner, stand alone
On a road with a GPS renegade artist harness the energy,
Yes, I’ma tactile pedigree, punch drunk pessimist
Wolf in a wolf suit three piece
Hip to the caffeine marinate deep heat
Ghost dog in ghost house with a ghost leash
I’m a go hard barbarian banging at the gates
And I feed on your face when I feed on the break like uh


Consume, Feel Good, Don’t Think
Consume, Feel Good, Obey
Unlearn, Upgrade, download
Don’t Think, Don’t Think, Don’t Think

I can’t feel my face

I gotta a hunger
Oh, Ah, So civilised
My face, I can’t feel my face.

Le singe humain fait du chaos un cadre d’explosion de couleurs et s’assied bêtement surson gros cul attendant que ses sens fassent l’expérience de la crème brûlée. Singe, goute le monde, apprécie, sa surface caramélisée renferme un corps doux, et crémeux, et singe, mange, mange, mange

© 2014 Joelistics

[Lyrics to Everyone Everything by Joelistics]

Thanks to Joel Ma for sending the lyrics!

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