John Camara - About You Lyrics

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John Camara – About You Lyrics

You are the prettiest one
no one can make me feel like falling,
but you

You are the closest thing
You know I won’t tell any other,
I used to

You are the sweetest one
I’ll grow a garden on your pavement,
I’ll show it to you

I’ll give up on my vice
I know I won’t get into heaven,
I don’t mind it

I hear your voice at night
I’ll end up lost in sense for hours,
I want to

Hey baby are you cold?
I’ll take that whisper off your shoulders,
Don’t shed any tears

Let’s walk on empty streets
Some people think I might go crazy,
I want to

Some words don’t work out right
I’ll end up dreaming of the wanting,
I still do

I hold back on my fear
I fear I may just start to lose you,
I don’t want to

Cause loving
Loving ain’t so easy
I won’t turn around from
I won’t turn around from you

You are the prettiest one
No one can me me feel like falling,
But you do

[Lyrics to About You by John Camara]

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Artist John Camara Lyrics
Album"Cardboard Box" (2014)

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John Camara - About You Lyrics

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