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Johnny Rain - La Jolla Lyrics

Johnny Rain – La Jolla Lyrics

Marble floors glisten as the raindrops fall from your coat
Corridors open as the wind blows over your soul
Peace of mind, freedom right?
Dreaming of oceans, I see your devotion
Lie in every breath from your body
As you lay there looking like gold

And your eyes wont lie if your lips don’t move
And mine don’t cry baby it’s just you
An eye for an eye til it gets us through again
Through again, through again

Soul sailing waters
Will my ship sail over the danger?
And you’re so ocean blue tonight
Oh, where’s the anchor?
Heard the doctor tell you to maintain sober
274 days over
Mine go faster and yours grow colder
I don’t wanna be just a lone stone soul no
I don’t wanna be just a lone stone soldier
I’m too scared to tell all my friends
I don’t wanna lose in the end

Cause my eyes don’t lie and my lips won’t move
And I won’t cry if it’s just us two
So I don’t mind if it gets us through again
Through again

[Lyrics to La Jolla by Johnny Rain]
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