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John Robinson - Two Man Mob Lyrics (Feat. PVD)

John Robinson – Two Man Mob Lyrics (Feat. PVD & Sadat X)

Me and John Robinson like two man mob
We sell guns, we import no sons without ?
Gets sh-sha-shiz, just us, we gon’ do this thing all on trust
Understand me, me and John Robinson, yea nigga bought the band
Sometimes it’s like a sandwich, sometimes it’s for your man beast
We ready! See the helicopter? The next green I’m honda
No police contact, that’s what yo boy said
Lemme keep my passport, overseas ?
But I go for the jugular, the main vein
I gotta do more to maintain, I gotta ganglize it
Pain is a vengeance of a twenty years bust
But I’mma ride it, blue star yada
It’s like I’m ridin’ on the otha beemer, then I go sideways
Dissect the joints, see how I provide weighter
I love how y’all provide phrase
You a C.O.W., BOY
Japanese Porsche say he so fly
I strike and I’m gone, peace and love
Kill all niggas to be evicted of

(Hook x2)
Yea, it’s that dopeness sufficient
Think anything less, we got issues
Man, we all live in here, so let’s move
(Betta get into it)

Shrill with the good ex, still wonder what the gods gon’ say next
Inovator keys, uncles to keep
To unlock doors and alarm codes
DPPB beats, brutha, don’t touch mode
See, I been ridin’ out for years, funk the sounds of the grammy
Spied the whole crew, this world is for a circle(?)
Old gran’ said patience is a virtue
That void for no one, earn yo respect too
Gotta be hungry in this kosher
Terrific, my child for ?
Where are yo sculptures? You gotta make the mark
Microphone controllers since you bangin’ on the spot
This is the art, of MC, this is the next season
Around the world and back, I’m out degreasin’
The same reason reached out to the god
Stay like mind, so it wasn’t that hard to bring vibes
So more abstracts, stop goin’ up, nas that
Two man mob spittin’ hazma
Explore the heat full of shit
Ready for funk mode, ship the concrete as we speak
We gotta teach children to be next learn
Jazz live, yo, I play it like a chess cress
It’s time access, praise Jah, X-bless

(Hook x2)
Yea, it’s that dopeness sufficient
Think anything less, we got issues
Man, we all live in here, so let’s move
(Betta get into it)

[Lyrics to Two Man Mob by John Robinson (Feat. PVD & Sadat X)]

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