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Jonathan Atkins - Oh Darling Lyrics

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Jonathan Atkins – Oh Darling Lyrics

When I’m building monsters,
I build with the things I love to hate.
The ocean will not contain them,
And the world will find my fate.

Oh darling, please try to understand,
My unfailing love won’t crawl into the sand,
But these disasters I hold,
Repeat themselves, bold,

And I watch them crash down.
I know they’ll crash down.
I’ll overcome all these things I’ve created.

Oh Darling, please darling,
Won’t you take me by the hand,
I’m been feeling kind of blue,
And longing for the sand,

Just to stand on a beach,
In the middle of the summer,
Because the seasons growing colder,
And this winter is a bummer,

Oh darling, oh darling,
Take me to the city lights,
So I can watch them shimmer,
Through reflections in your eyes,

Oh darling, please darling,
I’ve been feeling kind of down,
And you’re the only one that takes me,
To a smile from a frown.

Oh darling, oh darling,
I miss you all day long,
When the work tends to bore me,
As I listen to our songs,

Oh darling my darling,
I long, everyday,
To open my eyes beside you,
With a big smile on my face.

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