Jon Connor - Get At Me Dog Lyrics

Jon Connor – Get At Me Dog Lyrics

Where my dog?
Where my dogs at?

I’m not a hater I just acknowledge the garbage
I’m probably the only nigger with nuts enough to be honest
The music getting so tarnished it make me wanna he Amish
I’m bout to bring home the bacon you niggers looking Islamic
You ain’t sick cause your music make me wanna vomit
That’s the proof of baking your pot label as fucking riot
Sit back watching that’s why I’m talking that shit gain
Who’d have know the second coming was coming from Michigan?
And like head kinda go starting with the hate
The fuck I’m hoping I’m starting a debate
Should buy an apartment or estate and put a target on your face
For every starving artist put apart by the garbage that you make
Words still shock I’m hoping to put a scar on your face
Past y’all I fall like a man with a car and a race
Don’t play games with me cause every car is an ace
I was a heavy nigger I had to starve my way into shade
This shit is funny right?
But damn yeah I’m still tryin to get my money right, but check the science
Niggers get gas be the motherfucking trash
So when a nigger be alright y’all saying the shit is tight look
Stand as a rapping drop so low
Let nobody really know who got flow so low
Fuck the rap game stinks cause we just sit by and let shit flop
Look motherfucker I’m nice I can’t rap dumb or act dumb
I just try harder to make you smarter see
The niggers y’all keep saying is good
Is making every nigger wanna go and rap in the hood
And they both sound the same so he thinking he should
Cause he might blow what’s said and he actually could
Shit is scary rap videos looking like Perry
Snapping like Grey’s Anatomy fuck are you trying to compare me now
I’ve adjusted and you know you can’t fuck with this shit
That I come forth with my tongue as a gun busting
Kill it all! You think you won’t top it till it sells all
Shit is authentic the shit is spinning they reel it all
Dog you bout to get mobbed…
You nigger s is done what happened to try to chase a waterfall?
Now is like opinions is not allowed
Niggers make me turn into star and you both wow
I’m the passionate advocate can’t never see them…
The damaged that I cause putting lives…
You niggers step tall like a giraffe sell
Trying to school you niggers give you numbers like a match club
Friday the 13 dodging girl in your…
She planned your stashed ass go stuffed in a bag
I thought these combination this sparkling conversation
This is hard in the game a cardiac complication
Agree or disagree this is me
Tryin to have surface in the legacy I lead
From the jump just told me to kill

[Lyrics to Get At Me Dog by Jon Connor]

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Jon Connor - Get At Me Dog Lyrics

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