Jonwayne - The Come Up Pt. 2 Lyrics (Feat.Scoop DeVille)

Jonwayne – The Come Up Pt. 2 Lyrics (Feat.Scoop DeVille)

[Intro] Yeah
Scoop DeVille
Digital Diamonds business

[Verse 1] I was in high school
Playing the game
These cards were business ones
Teachers looking at me like
I couldn’t give a f**k
What they didn’t know
Is that I didn’t show them
My potential, it was frozen
Like a shogun
This is the art
Words on point like a blowdart
If you’ve never heard of this bastard
Then you don’t know bars
Passed out the diss
Like I handed out the d**k
Beats so hard
That they were damaging your whip
I went to college for a year and a half
With no credits
I just went to rehearse the verses
And bare edits
I was working at Gamestop
And drove up to LA
To get a five spot
After closing up shop
These hipsters calling me hipster
It’s getting old, makes me sick
Man you couldn’t get more punk
With extra holes in your d**k
I don’t give a f**k about you
Or the rules of your clique
I’d be willing to bet and lose
At the drop of this shit

[Outro x3] It’s a long time coming
If you don’t recognize
The hustle and the wish and dream
Then pay no attention
If you can’t see me musically
Then pay no attention
If you can’t understand the movement
Then pay no attention

[Lyrics to The Come Up Pt. 2 by Jonwayne (Feat.Scoop DeVille)]

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Artist Jonwayne Lyrics
Album"Rap Album One" (2013)

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Jonwayne - The Come Up Pt. 2 Lyrics (Feat.Scoop DeVille)

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