Jori King - Red Light Green Light Lyrics

Jori King – Red Light Green Light Lyrics

Ok, hello, how you doing?
I just want my 60, the shoe hit
I’m here to take over with a makeover
And fix the game that you ruined
Ship straight up out of that Lone Star
We keep it trill here in Houston
We say get it back, we’re sipping drinks
Just knowing why you doing
And my style is different than most of y’all
My architecture could’ve posted y’all
Ain’t the same as them ‘cause we amient
Smooth the car shit with a protein bar
Shit, who let us up in here like dandruff
From here we run the VIP and you say you can’t stand it
But I’m way too fly to come down
And these Polo clothes are outlandish
Plus, have your chick, tongue roll off my di**
You would think she speaking Spanish
So hasta luego, here we go, flow fuego
It’s free, yo, ‘cause King Co
Is about his chips and case-o and I’m too high to lay low
If you got the light, make the joes spark
‘Cause I’m Wiz Khalifa with rolling paper
This lean on me, I’m Joe Clark

Red light, red light
Red light, red light
Green light go
Go, go, go
Green light go
Go, go, go
Green light go

This that spazz flow, way before it was a super dooper seat
Y’all sound like my last flow so if you the shit then I’m the toopest group
I got more style to style this shit, Big said it first so just flipped it
And I’m really here to stimulate her ear with this cunnilingus linguistics
I turn her on with this baritone and I seem like Keef, call me Barry Swat
She don’t try to take her home unless Ciroc peach got the cherry wet
Tell me, have you ever sipped that rose by the case before?
And I don’t mean trial over your child with your baby daddy for seat support
We support miss independent, that mean she leave whenever we finish
I’m not a player, just questioning a lot, and I’m fat Joe, no pun intended
But if she a freak then we’ll fornicate, I kill the pussy, fresh 48
Long has an ass like Kim Kardashian and brain stupid like Courtney Kate
And I hate I have to kick you out, specially with all that booty
But you might want that care package, and we ain’t playing no Call of Duty

Red light, red light
Red light, red light
Green light go
Go, go, go
Green light go
Go, go, go
Green light go

[Lyrics to Red Light Green Light by Jori King]

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Jori King - Red Light Green Light Lyrics

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