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Josiah Christian - Special Friend Lyrics

Josiah Christian – Special Friend Lyrics

You’re that special friend that you can’t find on the internet
Better than a girl to ask out just to win a bet
I love it when I walk in and I see your big eyes shimmer
And when you let me eat off your plate for my dinner
I think it’s dumb to put spice on your fruit along with every other dish
At least unlike me you speak something else besides just english
I won’t hold it against you that you call your kid by his middle name
Or that you wear clothes like you’re about to always play a pickup soccer game

The first thing I asked was what’s your number
Your 816 not your 181
I didn’t know our story had just begun
And it goes like this

We work together but not just in the work place
I’ve got your back, but we’re seeing face to face
Real friends don’t stab you in the back
They stab your front but fix you up after that
We’ve had our differences ever since the start
Quit playing dumb when you know you’re smart
Real friends don’t stab you in the back
They stab your front but fix you up after that

If they didn’t know any better, people’d think you’re my girlfriend
But what does what they think really matter in the end
If they’re deciding that based off of what I do
Then at least they know as a friend I love you, girl I love you.

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