JSWISS - Monopoly Lyrics

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JSWISS – Monopoly Lyrics

Great person but a better emcee, my raps skills are fatal
Bring fire every night, you spin it back like a dreidel
I put it all on the table, gifted since prenatal
Umbilical was an XLR, that’s mic cables
Speakers in my chest, an audio engineer in my brain
To EQ what I’m saying to hear it best
The bass is my steps, I speak and I’m on key
The dub track’s the emcees who wanna be me
Can’t blame em though they live valley low
I was in their position I’d wanna live like the dude who sit on the peak
Me, atop the mountain with the reverb and the echo
You could save your 15, 16s like the Gecko
Get some fire insurance, cuz the track is on petrol
Fire and ice I’ve been extreme from the get go
Artist and arsonist who architect the art before he arson it
President who lock it up then pardon it
Part of me’s the parent who would portion out the punishment
Part of me’s the troubled one who started it
Ended up with thousands on the loans, I started with a scholarship
To bad it was a portion of a part of paying all of it, damn

I love being in this postion, right below the surface
No need to be nervous ain’t gotta protect a rep
On my shoudlers no head start, I’m running coming for necks
Bring back the spectacular I be earning respect
Yes R-E-S-P-E-C-T ballin like I rep EBC
Kirkland Pee Wee out at Rucker Park but dropped the ball for CDs

That’s what I mean when I switched games
Articles to raps look how my bylines switch names
Before I graduated found a career, orchestrate and author my fears
I offer you dope, that’s audio drugs it conquers your brain it starts with your ears
Better act right, under control, coming through clear
From now on you can believe everything that you hear
Mind power, I get lauded for honesty in my messages
Shouldn’t get points for the truth, should be expecting it
Effortless, you think I’m goin in this is me on some sedatives
Gambled with my grandma as a kid I’m competitive
Picking up toys playin toy games
Still raking in off the skills nothing at all changed
Back then was Bop-It, graduated to the microphone
Pulling strings, twisting words, making hits, right at home
None different, best flipping like a first place gymnast
I wanna sell out but no gimmicks
Sold out shows, sold out merch, everything sold out
But no sold soul, let’s get it

Dare you to question my skill and watch the answer hurt you in the heart
I’m lightyears ahead and here to bring truth to the dark
Money from every position from the post to the arc
Like the 90s Knicks roster Pat Ewing and Starks
Reed coming out the tunnel much heart in my chest
Score four and let the point guard handle the rest
Even hurt I leave defenders upset
You couldn’t manage like in 2010 you had handled the Nets
I garner respect, earn it from the sthings that I do
Like have my music in museums and create with my crew
Who are you? Not me? Oh well that’s unfortunate
High on the y axis is my cooridinates
It’s graphed out, I’m higher on the plane
They might spell it wrong, but they know the name
Ring bells like LL in the 80s
And no nothing nice about a ride in My Mercedes
That’s awthentic, the windows to my life are not tinted
Done a lot but make no mistake, I am not finished
Some wish the best for me, but they wish less for me
Than I plan for myself or God got planned for me
Stay motivated constantly and evolve properly
But I know they gon always have a box for me
Everything worth having’s not for free

[Lyrics to Monopoly by JSWISS]

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JSWISS - Monopoly Lyrics

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