Jucifer - White Lies/Winter Is Coming Lyrics

Jucifer – White Lies/Winter Is Coming

They come as water that soaks thro ugh silently
A gleam among the branches
A sundered tree
Where once was narrow
A flood plain swollen wide
Where stealth avenges greed, the slow red tide
Lies gather like flies
Light eyes trained on their prize
White lies where the blood dries
White lies gather like flies
A system broken by mass insanity
A crazed resolve for total supremacy
Such blighted wisdom rooted in sophistry
From hearts in darkness cries a boundless need
Lives squandered unprized
Bright eyes darkened inside
White lies gather like flies
White lies where the blood dries

The Land: My winter is coming to steal fingers. Noses. Feet. Lives. As my
snow falls it buries the dead.

My citizens, and yours, huddle together in terrible conflict. The milk of war is
blood. The meat of war is loss.

For the stomach there is no milk, no meat. Hunger burns like fire, presses like
the heaviest stone. You invaders have come to bring siege but the siege is
upon you as well.

The shadow of death respects no insignia.

But my people will not fail.

[Lyrics to White Lies/Winter Is Coming by Jucifer]

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Artist Jucifer Lyrics
Album"Beyond the Volga there is no land" (2013)

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Jucifer - White Lies/Winter Is Coming Lyrics

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