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Jus Daze - Broke Up Lyrics

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Jus Daze – Broke Up Lyrics

They say players gon play
& U that know haters gon hate
& that’s something that we hate to play
but it doesn’t mean it’s something that we can’t relate, to
I never needed a reason
for no reason
claimed I only kept you around until I started leaving
no space made our place really hard for breathing
so I left rather than stretch the truth & arms reaching, for
excuses, that neither one of us had
it started off really soft, & the loving was bad
until you got hooked, & shook cause loving me made you mad
thinkin I’m gonna leave so you held your love back till
it became too late & I’m gone
The same reason I relate to writing this song
cause now you’re gone & I never knew what you meant to me
But I remember hearin this as the last thing you said to me…

you loved me cause I treated you good
I understood all the reasons you were misunderstood
& you’re upset, as you should, be for thinking I would
stick around when you held back all that you could
that coulda been us, it coulda been great
it coulda been us that lasted till a ripe old age
but it aint & you say that you’re happy with him
plus u look mad good, fat ass & waist slim
but I wonder, is it him, or hate for me
that got you in the gym & in a better place mentally
Whatever the case be, I’m glad you’re doing well
& moved on, but ur heart seems stuck in a cell
Oh well, I guess you never saw what u meant to me
& meant to be always happens eventually
It feels like the time passed been a whole century
But I remember hearin this the last thing you said to me…

© 2014 Jus Daze

[Lyrics to Broke Up by Jus Daze]

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