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Jus Daze - To Die For Lyrics

Jus Daze – To Die For Lyrics

what are you willing to die for
willing to ride for
willing to lie for
Kill and obide for…
Spit in your rhymes or…
commit any crime for…
something worth living with purpose to strive for…

People scared to love me..
But I love what they hide for..
They hate that I’m a man on my own
but still I’m Yours..

Every part of my spirit is in my lyrics
and even tho I’m misunderstood, it’s still coheret
Most fear it…
if they can’t relate to it…
so they hate fluent…
blood inside they vain’s fluid’s
what they spewin…
not knowing that they’re fueling…
the reason my success, takes greater steps… prevail movement
Alone I couldn’t do it….
Sacraficed a piece of my heart
& had scars recruited…
Now I’m amored suited…
Palms manuevered,
ready to grip (the world)
and I wont slip cause I’m far rooted.

This is for the winners..
and This is for the losers…
We choose how to live our life
it didn’t choose us
Still it chews us
and Music moves us…
Look at yourself if ur trying to see who’s us…
and might you find yourself…
you just might find yourself…
you gotta look inside yourself…
Better now than never, but only time will tell…

Tell us what cause it keeps running out…
Everyone I love just keeps running out…
I find less I know, the more I figure out…
I’m willing to die before I go different route…
Money & hoez is what everyone raps about
But if it’s just those alone, does it actually count?
you fall in love, but they think you’re trippin
and when you need a hug, the closest one’s seem distant
See, my both eyes closed have the best of vision
cause I listen to my heart & I write it’s rhythm
so for any battle I fight, I, rightfully win em
cause to lose is a feeling in our mind’s decisions
that if we could have tried harder then how come we didn’t
cause we can’t go farther without inviting the distance
and we can’t grow stronger without higher resistence
cause to Walk Twice Hard is what defines my existence

I want you to ask yourself this question
What are you ready to die for?
You might not know the answer now
But eventually, in due time you will!
We need to search within ourselves and find service
‘ something they’re willing to die for
Something we dreamed about,
But maybe over time we lost sight of it
The real world has a way of staying, has a way of love
Both dreams and passions
We need to look deep inside and find
Resurface and bring’
Find in yourself,
Cause no one is gonna be happy about you achieving your dreams
That’s why you need to appreciate this
So I ask this again
What are you going to die for!

[Lyrics to To Die For by Jus Daze]

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