Just Juice - Driven Lyrics

Just Juice – Driven Lyrics

Four Benitas in the Rover
No show for you, I’m driven
Sipping champagne like the fish
No swimming, I’ll let it sink in
May throw the shoulders, Casanova with the women
I keep around to feed me, believe me, got… a reefer and a beamer
Coasting to Costa Rica, dreaming big, driven…Mona Lisa
Homies say she a keeper and I don’t even need her
So I keep around a…believe me, I’m living easy
Yeah, I guess we hot now, bottoms up and the top down
Shorty shotty beside me sipping sake with a cocktail
Real to the death, she never guessed I was a dropout
Shorty, she loved my walled with a side of how my cock feel
May throw the shoulders, Casanova with the women
Sip Chivas in the Rover, no chauffeur but bet I’m driven
Dreams of living bigger, took that finger off the trigger
Risking without permission, now they listen to my vision
Flipping the scripture, flicking a picture
Image vivid but check it, regroup and the chickens flock here
Who goes sipping, dementia, you go missing, they sipping
Intermissions are given, judo kick and we dip it
Kudos given for spitting, pushing limits with my brethren
Never bite but I’m rabid, living lavish, beat up remedy
Who the baddest, the question be
I’m taking name, maintain, forsake the game
‘Cause if it wasn’t for my rap, your stats would’ve been the same

[..] don’t tell her what she mean to me, no, that she’ll ever leave me
Women will come and go but a queen will come and complete me
She my Lucy, I’m her Ricky, something like off the TV
Second I get home she make my…
Visions of living lavish, I’m never greedy but I’m needy
Happy to say we’re madly in lust ‘cause love is cheap
Let me take it to the basis, trip liquor and state this
Second I hit the stage it’s these ladies getting naked
I’ll break it down, these stadiums never fake it
You hearing what I’m saying, our fame’s close, I can taste it
Don’t make a sound, this is only for the moment
My homies said to stand behind my bars, I’ll Al Capone it
Never drama she roll with, that marijuana, she rolling
Smoking like Pocahontas ‘cause she chiefieng like potent

[Lyrics to Driven by Just Juice]

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