Just Like Clockwork - The Honest Truth Lyrics

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Just Like Clockwork – The Honest Truth Lyrics

There was a time when we were incorruptible
We couldn’t picture and end, we’d never break, never bend
I had the faith, I knew the dream, I’d seen just what could have been
But it was all make believe
Oh how you had us deceived

We put our trust in you and we did every little thing that you asked us to
And now we’ve nothing but the honest truth
And nothing to show for it
Oh and now there’s nothing left ’cause what else could we give
if you already took our best
Now we’ve only got the honest truth and nothing to show for it

All the words fell from your lips
Every promise counterfeit
I could count the ones you kept
on one hand
I can’t believe how easily
You had us lead to our defeat
Because now it’s plain to see
you had no plan

And the hardest part in all of this
is I don’t think you meant it
You just didn’t do enough to prevent it.

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