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Just Like Clockwork - Welcome To Ivanhoe Lyrics

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Just Like Clockwork – Welcome To Ivanhoe Lyrics

I haven’t even made a dent in seven years
Maybe I’ll make it still, maybe I never will
Wrong sound, wrong state, wrong town
Wrong corner of the world
So let me know if you care
Now tell me do you mean that?

Well we’ve been pushing for so long
We couldn’t tell when things went wrong
We lost ourselves along the way
And now we’re out here on our own
An empty band, an empty road
We missed a turn and only laughed
Heading to nowhere fast

Everything looks easy far away
but too many mistakes have been made
And it cost as far too much to look the other way
Well I sunk my roots in deep but the branches just won’t grow
Maybe I’ve taken this as far as it will go

[Lyrics to Welcome To Ivanhoe by Just Like Clockwork]

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