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Kami de Chukwu - EAT. Lyrics

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Kami de Chukwu – EAT. Lyrics

It’s a Hard Knock Life, then you pass away
What make him better than any other
I stare at my brown complexion
Perplexed with the thoughts of racists
I struggle with many faces
Seen you through eyes of vultures
Funerals closed casket
They saying thats common practice
In this case we missing baskets
Shots are the only constant
Blocks on ya
Open jumpers
Fuck you
Yo Moral compass
Ain’t steer you down no path better
Remind me to kill yo conscious
When sparking a Conversation
The questions will go


Soulful brother born
From broken mother
Robbed of her soul by her soulless husbands
Who taught her love just to take it from her
Paint a picture better than a Jesus supper
Depict this apocalypse and it put it on a knit sweater
Sell it for cheddar
And tell em the cause was better than anything that they ever did
And when you done with that
Pass me some more sedative
If you my nigga fuck it
You a relative if you were present
When time was irrelevant
At that point we passed joints
And talked about our future bright
Only interrupt to ask a nigga what’s the move tonight
I’m tryna get some coochie bitch
From a bougie bitch
That ah do me right
Like spike or mookie did
But this is not on of them movie clip
This a non stop fight
This a hard knock life
You only live once but
You could get knocked out twice more times dan
Momma said be polite
Duck ya head when you see police
Them blue lights sure do shine bright
And them cuffs so tight
It must be something in ya jeans
When they treat you like some shit they never seen
Before you make yo premiere to the tv screen
I’m Malcolm X
With a tech aiming at Kings
For i poke out my chest for I flex it at a gangsta or fiend or….
Fuck the streets
Only road I see is deceased
Only thing I need is money
All my niggas are wit me
Cuz If you family you eat x4
Like I
Need that
Fuck yo feedback
Catch me laced up where the weeds
40 oz singing
With a 3 stack

[Lyrics to EAT. by Kami de Chukwu]
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